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September 20, 2006: We have saved this site by migrating to a new server (faster CPUs, faster connection, more storage, etc.) We continue to serve up hundreds of thousands of pages, and yet still refuse to place ads in our pages. If you'd like to add a column to our site, feel free to contact us.

CCPlace News: We are currently in the process of updating this site, creating new pages, reviewing products, and planning for the future. We are dedicated to the Mac platform; therefore, information on the PC platform has been halted. Check back often to see the newest available information. Last updated on July 19, 2002.

MWNY 2002 Article & Photo Gallery

EZQuest's Boa FireWire DVD-RW

Apple's Current Status

As of 5/10/02, our site is running on a new server.

Formac's ProTV Stereo, product review.

Aged article - Apple's New Status.

Is Email Dead?

Some News @ CCPlace HQ

Aged article - Suggestions and results for Apple in Apple's Status.

Eudora 5 product review.

Aladdin Systems' Tuner 3.0, reviewed.

Aged article - Suggestions for Apple in Apple, Comeback...

Diablo II product review available.

OrangeLink FireWire PCI Card review.

Intellimouse Explorer, optical mouse with laser.

Read the File Buddy 5 Product Review.

Aged article - Assessing the new G4 Product Line.

Upgrade your PowerMac to NewerTech's 450Mhz, product review online.

Share your cable/DSL connection with Ugate Plus, read the review.

LaCie's 12x4x32x CD-RW Drive Product Review

Updated Internet Connections page available.

Mac 56k Modem Diagnostics & Tips now ready for readers.

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