Mac Top 10 List

Here are the top ten items that we feel are the most interesting.
  1. PowerMac G4
  2. PowerBook G3
  3. iBook
  4. Mac OS 9
  5. Mac OS X Server
  6. Apple Cinema Display
  7. Adobe PhotoShop 5.5
  8. Apple Studio Display 21 inch
  9. LaCie DVD-RAM Drive
  10. Epson Stylus Photo 1200 Printer
There are so many Mac products that it is a bit difficult to pick only ten. However, we did pick a top ten, products which are quite noticeable by public eyes. There are many Apple manufactured products in this list because without a Mac machine it would be difficult to use any products. PhotoShop is just down right praiseworthy, according to many users. Without that, think how difficult and time consuming graphic design would be. DVD is a relatively new technology, and the fact that you can make your own DVD material deserves recognition. It will allow you to master a hefty 5.2 GB of data for each piece of removable media. You do have to flip the sides if you want to access the other side of 2.6 GB, but that amount of data is quite large. DVD is becoming more and more popular, and according to many sources it will take over the CD market, becoming just as popular. Finally, Epson has been well known for printer technology. We have to hand it to them for their high res photo quality printer featuring six colors at 1440 x 720 dpi.

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