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Did you ever wonder what the best Mac system is like? Or wonder what it is? Read on below to fulfill your dreams. Many of your questions should be answered.

The best Mac computer should be something that has enough power to complete outrageous tasks under the most stressful conditions. It should always be powerful and never go down. To make such a computer, it must have serious hardware and software. The speed of the computer would have to be amazingly fast, something over a GHz. It should have at least one OS that will never crash. Unfortunately, we can keep on dreaming on such a perfect computer.

However, we can almost match these requirements with a Mac that is available today. The features of today's available machines are not as super, but can do some serious tasks. Included should be:

Optional Stuff for the Power Macintosh G3 Minitower

•333MHz PowerPC G3 Processor


•9GB Ultra/Wide SCSI Hard Drive with PCI Card

•Zip drive

•DVD-ROM drive

•6MB SGRAM, 2 MB built in

•Audio/Video & DVD Video card

•10/100BASE-T Ethernet PCI card, 10BASE-T built in

Standard Features for G3 Series

•1.44 MB Floppy Drive

•3 PCI 2.1 compliant 12" slots

•Built in 64 bit graphics and multimedia accelerator chip

•AppleDesign 104 key keyboard & ADB mouse

•Mac OS 8.5 installed


Those are some high tech pieces of hardware. The processor will make your long awaited jobs quick and simple. With that much RAM, you could almost launch all your applications at the same time. The hard drive that can reach transfer speeds of 40 Mbps can make multimedia documents quick composing. The zip drive will simply allow you to store 100 MB on removable media. The newly available DVD ROM will allow you to watch your favorite movies in greater aspect ratios, clearer qualities, better sound, and other features of DVD. But if you are going to display high quality video, you have to support it with some hardware. The built in 64 bit graphics and multimedia chip will help. If you really want, you could install a 128 bit PCI card for those who are really demanding. See the Video Wizard Review for ideas. Although the Video Wizard offers up to 4 MB of RAM, the new Voodoo2 cards can offer up to 12 MB of RAM. This system is created with 2 MB built in and an additional 4 MB. The Audio/Video card helps support these graphics requirements. A computer of such features must have a high data connection. A 10/100 Base-T Ethernet card makes huge transfers quick. Easy connection to a network or the internet are made possible. The floppy drive in this system continues to make the iMac one of the only computers without a floppy drive. There are only three PCI slots available in this system. With these features, they will be used up fast. Obviously, keyboard and mouse are included. Also pre installed is Mac OS 8.5. This OS is supposed to be the biggest and the best, just like the last one, the one before that, before that, etc. It is probably better than the rest, but is it uncrashable? Think how many times you crashed your computer. Software conflicts, corrupt files, unknown errors, freezing, and more are possible problems. Most likely, they still exist in OS 8.5. But the rate at which they occur is supposed to be much less. But that still may not be good enough. Even Mac OS X is said to be almost impossible to crash, but it will be possible. So the perfect computer will be in the far future. We can still keep on dreaming about our own desired features. But until many bugs are worked out, we will have to do with the Power Mac G3. The G3 is quite a machine, but not our highest desired piece of technology.

All these features and more come with a price tag. Many of the features in this machine are custom and hold a higher price. The total for this minitower is $3569.00. That price is just for the system. Monitor, printer, shipping, and taxes are not included.



With such a system, you need to have an appropriate monitor or some sort of display unit. The monitor should be large enough to take advantage of the high output resolutions of this system. But the monitor choice for you may differ from another person. You need to pick something to fit your needs. To fit the needs of an experienced user, a larger monitor would be suggested. That is why a Sony 420GS 19 inch Trinitron monitor would be important to this system. It offers:

•18 inches of viewable screen

•1600 x 1200 @ 75 Hz max resolution

•.25 mm dot pitch

•3 year warranty

•Built in speaker & headphone jack

•And more

This monitor should handle most of your needs. You might have something else in mind because you have different needs. This pieces sells for about $700. Not too bad if you compare it to similar models.



Now that the functional unit is ready, a printer is needed to complete the system. Again, the type and style printer for you may vary from others. If you don't need a black or color laser printer, you could do well with an inkjet. Laser and inkjet printers are designed for different jobs. You need to decide on it. A high quality inkjet can compete with laser printers. So, an Epson Stylus 1520 would do more than complete a regular job. The features are:

•1440 dpi

•4 x 4 to 17 x 22 inch paper sizes

•Up to 5 pages per minute for color

•And more

The quality that this printer puts out is obviously great. Another neat feature is the large paper size. Did you ever create something and later realize it was too big even for legal paper? Now you can print it all out. Create posters instead of a piece of paper. The great color and resolution will allow you to. The price tag is about $500.


Total Price

The total price for this three piece system is $3569+700+500, which equals $4769. If you stand back and take a look, you may realize now it is incredible. But a year from now, the price would be slashed and so would the technology. If you want the best now, you pay a little extra.


Final Words

You should understand that the system described on this page may not be the world's best or the most expensive. It is a thrilling system, but not all of the biggest and most expensive products were put into it. If you wanted the largest everything in your system, you could easily spend over $25,000 for just a tower, display, and printer. If you really wanted, you could add scanners, hard drives, CD-R drives, digital cameras, tablets, etc. But you may not even use those items. This system is much less than that and probably more easier to work with. There is a point for some people where things are excessive. This system will provide more than necessary for most people. It is designed for the serious user who can take advantage of these features. However, some of the features in this system are top of the line in some markets. The 333 MHz PPC G3 processor is hard to beat in the Mac market. But the 128 MB of RAM are not the maximum. You can have 768 MB of RAM. What you would need that much RAM for is a wonder. So the point is, this system is truly incredible, but it could be beat if you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

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