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As you are probably already aware, Apple has announced the new Power Mac G4. If you are not aware of the power of the G4 chip, check out Apple after reading on.

Just to refresh your memory, the new G4 is the most powerful personal processor, ever. With speeds up to 500MHz, memory up to 1.5 GB of RAM, storage space over 100 GB, and much more, you need to be concerned about who uses such a system. After all, the G4 is a supercomputer, capable of calculating over a billion operations a second. The peak amount is four billion a second or four gigaflops. A 500MHz G4 will beat a 600MHz P3 about three times in PhotoShop tests. But opening documents is not the only thing the G4 can be used for. Actually, the G4 is so powerful, the US Government set some strict rules. Apple is not allowed to export the machine to certain countries. This is probably because terrorists could use it to rule countries or take over control. Highly secure encryption software is also restricted from export. Again, terrorists could use it in unsafe ways. The restrictions are there for a reason, to protect people.

But for those of us in the US that have the opportunity to purchase such a system, only a select number of people will actually get a G4. The G4 was constructed for the advanced high power user. These could be professional video editing users, graphic designers, etc. But why should they be the only people taking advantage of this machine? What about the more average user who just wants more power? They might not need it, but should they buy a new G4? What about the 3D game enthusiast who wants more realistic game play? What about the people that just want to say, I have a new Power Mac G4 and it will crush your high end P3. It seems as if Apple is warning these people that their computer was not designed for them. However, if you really want it, they probably won't object. All of the users described above can and many probably will get a new G4. But the more novice user will probably stay far away, at least for now. New users will probably get their hands on yet another iMac or perhaps an iBook. Sure they can look at all the overwhelming features of the G4, but they may not really tap into the true power. An older system will get the job done for some people. Comparing prices can too be a bit overwhelming. Let's see, a G4 at about $1600 plus the cost of a monitor. Or there is an iMac that includes a monitor for about $1200. Well most of the people will take an iMac, a fact that has already been established since over two million of them sold. So you should have to agree that Apple's G4 market is only for previous advanced users. I don't know exactly how large that market size is, but it's definitely growing. Mac OS X Server proved to be a success, so the G4 should sell to those who want a powerful server. Of course there are high tech users already wanting the G4. These may be video productions specalists or graphic designers. Everyone wants to stay up to date so they can get things done more efficiently, faster and better.

Also, Apple has released the Cinema Display. This display is an enourmous 22 inch flat panel. It's so large it needs a tripod stand, yet it is only two inches thick. Flat panel displays have many desireable features such as being a space saver and delivering crisp images. However, there is a problem with them, their price. At about $4000 people just won't jump up and buy two or three, or perhaps not even one. You can't even buy the display seperate because it needs a G4 to support it and Apple is only bundling it with their top systems. The high tech graphic artist may be interested, but is probably a bit concerned about laying down $7000 for the display and a descent tower. Apple is aware of the issue and is only making this state of the art technology available to limited users. So when will we see a price drop on flat panel displays?

Which is larger, the tower or the display?

How do you see Apple's potential G4 customer market? Obviously the G4 will sell, but will they go like hotcakes? Recently I saw market analysts evaluate computer stocks. They didn't like AAPL because they didn't see where Apple could reach more people. AAPL is approaching its record high. If you would have invested a short period ago, like I did, you would have made a nice profit. However, at the time, I do no longer hold any shares of AAPL. Its not that I don't like Apple, but I don't know what will happen to the stock price. Do you think Apple will reach more and more customers? Do you think Mac OS X will put a hurting on the Windows PC world? Will Mac OS X be another breakthrough?

This page is not meant to hurt Apple. Some people think Apple is currently performing at the best ever since it began. Some people still think Apple is in the dust. I feel that Apple is now on top of things and that they proved that their systems are powerful enough to make the US Government concerned. Ironically, a different part of the Government was concerned over a different issue with Microsoft.

Overall, I would say that the new G4 is for the high tech user and it should sell good in that market. Other users are covered because Apple has a system for them, whether it be an iMac, iBook, PowerBook, etc. If Apple continues to pump out more stunning products, they should climb higher and higher. Their customers should grow and the company can hold a higher percentage of the computer industry.

The G4 also has easy access for upgrading.

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