Mac Hotline Server

Hotline Client is a neat program that will allow users to connect to a location, ip address, and chat, exchange files, post news, etc. Many locations have hundreds and thousands of files. The files range from a category of game hints to new released programs, including so much other stuff. If you want to host your own server, you can. Just get the Hotline Server Program, free. You can get a copy here. Your computer will become a server only when you are connected to the internet and have the program running. Then you can get something like mBot!. This will control your server and add great options. However, you can still run your Hotline server great by being the administrator. These users appear in the color red on the chat list. This is because they have the power to get client information and the power to kick and ban users. Also in the Hotline family, there is the Hotline FTP Server and Hotline Tracker. Obviously, the ftp server does just that. The tracker will lookup locations and see if they are up and running.