A Word About Our Ratings

Our rating system is a ten point system. Others may use a five point system and use half marks. We do not use half marks, that is why we use a ten point system. Below is a list of our markings:

Rating Description
10/10 Extremely great piece, must buy immediately
9/10 Used to mark our favorite pieces
8/10 Excellent piece
7/10 Great piece
6/10 Good piece
5/10 OK piece, but probably needs work
4/10 Probably needs work
3/10 Bad, probably needs work
2/10 Shouldn't be available
1/10 We probably won't review this product

The 10/10 rating is very rare and may not even be on the entire site. The 9/10 rating is used to mark our favorite products. It is also used sparingly. The 8/10 would be used to mark a highly sophisticated product. Anything below 5/10 would probably not be published.


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